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                                             Dedicated to our understanding of equines. 


Horseways invites you to access a more in-depth experience of your horse's life. By using telepathic communication, we can access information which exists at an esoteric level, hidden in everyday life.

Equine communication is an exchange of energetic vibration. Images, emotions, thoughts and sensations are received telepathically. Through focussed intuition, it is possible to experience a deep empathy with your horse's unique personality. Creating this deep connection at an energetic level allows the horse to share an empathic communication. 

During a reading, the horses are fully aware of my presence and many find great relief in sharing burdens from the past. As fully conscious, sentient beings horses experience all the emotions we humans have.

Trauma of any kind, whether physical or emotional, leaves damage within the energy body of the horse and appears obvious when connecting telepathically. Many horses benefit from the opportunity and means to unburden themselves of past trauma, allowing a gentle release of any negativity which may be affecting them.

Please feel free to read through the information on the site or contact me with any questions you might have.

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